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Public Safety Railing Completed in Dec. 2003

B&W photo of Goldengate Bridge Railing

The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District Board of Directors authorized the contract award to Christie Constructors, Inc., Richmond, CA on August 10, 2001 to fabricate and install a public safety railing on the east and west sidewalks. The 4 foot, 6 inches high railing was constructed between the sidewalks and the traffic lanes improving safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. Design of the public safety railing does not adversely impact the historic architecture of the Bridge, obscure the spectacular views, or compromise the safety of motorists, bicyclists or pedestrians. All work on the heavily utilized east sidewalk occurred at night to minimize impacts to the traveling public as well as to address safety concerns. Christie Constructors fabricated the component off-site in 2001 and 2002 and installed the railing in 2003. The project was completed in December 2003. The total project cost in the amount $5.1 million, was funded with $4.4 million Golden Gate Bridge tolls, $500,000 federal grant funds programmed by MTC and $224,000 federal grant funds programmed by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.