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Posted August 1, 2013


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Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Transit, Golden Gate Ferry Options for East Bay Commuters to Access San Francisco via Marin County

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Golden Gate Transit Bus Connections

Route 42 operates daily and serves both the El Cerrito Del Norte BART and the Richmond BART stations while Route 40 operates on weekdays (except holidays) and serves only the El Cerrito Del Norte BART. GGT stops at the BART stations will be relocated to temporary stops—Richmond BART (click for map showing temporary stops): East and westbound trips will serve a temporary stop at Macdonald Ave nearside 16th Street. Del Norte BART (click for map showing temporary stops): East and westbound trips will serve a temporary stop at Kearney nearside Knott Ave.


Route 42: WESTBOUND: Operates 21 trips from 5:44 am to 11:13 pm from the El Cerrito Del Norte BART to Richmond BART to the San Rafael Transit Center.

Route 42: EASTBOUND: Operates 18 trips from 5:30 am to 10 pm from the San Rafael Transit Center to Richmond BART and El Cerrito Del Norte BART.

Route 40: WESTBOUND: Operates 6 trips from 6:22 am to 6:17 pm from the El Cerrito Del Norte BART to the San Rafael Transit Center.

Route 40: EASTBOUND: Operates 8 trips from 6:00 am to 5:30 pm from the San Rafael Transit Center to the El Cerrito Del Norte BART.


Route 42: WESTBOUND: Operates 16 trips from 7:13 am to 10:15 pm from the El Cerrito del Norte BART, to Richmond BART, to the San Rafael Transit Center.

Route 42: EASTBOUND: Operates 16 trips from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm from the San Rafael Transit Center, to El Cerrito del Norte BART, and to Richmond BART.

Bus Connections to San Francisco at San Rafael Transit Center

At the San Rafael Transit Center, East Bay travelers may transfer to various GGT routes to San Francisco. Routes 27 and 44 serve the San Francisco Financial District and Routes 70, 80, and 101 serve Van Ness Avenue and Mission Street. Click here for schedules.

Bus Connections from City of Vallejo & Solano County to San Francisco

If commuting from the City of Vallejo or Solano County to San Francisco, catch GGT Route 56, 58, at the Rowland Blvd. Park-and-Ride Lot (248 spaces) and routes 70 or 80 at the Rowland bus pad located off Highway 101 in Novato. Take Highway 37 west to Highway 101 north, exit at Rowland Boulevard, and enter the Park-and-Ride lot by taking a slight left across the intersection. Click here for schedules.

Bus Connections at Park and Ride Lots

Petaluma: Washington Street at Fairgrounds: Routes 80 and 101
Novato: U.S. Highway 101 at Rowland Blvd.: Routes 56, 58
Hamilton/Novato: Hamilton Theater on Palm Drive: Route 58
San Rafael: U.S. Highway 101 at Smith Ranch Road: Routes 44, 54, 58

Bus Connections within San Francisco

In the event of a BART strike, bus customers traveling within San Francisco will be permitted to board and disembark Golden Gate Transit buses at any existing GGT stop. Click here for a map showing temporary stops for other agencies at the Transbay Terminal.

GGT Bus Fares and Schedules

GGT fares are located here:
GGT schedules are located here:

Golden Gate Ferry

Golden Gate Larkspur Ferry offers limited weekday passenger capacity and limited parking, with the terminal parking lot generally filling by 8:15 am most weekdays. There is also limited carpool parking available.

Golden Gate Larkspur Ferry will operate normal weekday and weekend schedules during a BART strike (see Larkspur Ferry Schedules), including an added 7:30 am trip on weekdays. This 7:30am added trip has been running since June on Mondays through Thursdays; starting the week of August 5 and going forward, it will also operate on Fridays.

Golden Gate Larkspur Ferry is also providing a few added trips to the San Francisco Bay Ferry to operate out of Oakland.

Golden Gate Bridge - Consider FasTrak as it is likely the easiest option!

Directions to the Golden Gate Bridge via the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

To access the Golden Gate Bridge from the East Bay, take the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge westbound. After crossing the span, take the second exit, "101 South/San Francisco/Sir Francis Drake Boulevard” to Hwy 101. Travel south to the Golden Gate Bridge. To return to the East Bay, motorists can take one of two northbound exits off Hwy 101 to access I-580 Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. The first northbound exit to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge I-580 is right after the Lucky Drive exit and says “Richmond Bridge.” The second Richmond-San Rafael Bridge I–580 exit is the very next exit to the north, which says “Richmond Bridge/Francisco Blvd/I-580.”

Tolls are Collected Automatically with No Stopping at the Toll Plaza

The Golden Gate Bridge collects ALL tolls electronically, with no stopping and no cash taken at the Toll Plaza. For more information about our new tolling system, please visit

If you are a FasTrak user, you are all set to go as FasTrak offers a discounted toll ($5 for a 2-axle vehicle instead of $6) at the Golden Gate Bridge. FasTrak is the best option for drivers that cross the Golden Gate Bridge and other toll bridges in the region more than once a year.

If FasTrak is not for you then we suggest opening a limited-term License Plate Account during the BART Strike. When you open a License Plate Account, you can enter an account closure date so the account is only open for the period of time that you choose. A License Plate Account is different from a FasTrak Account in that your credit card will be charged the appropriate toll ($6 for a 2-axle vehicle) every time you drive through the Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza. This option is best for those who prefer to “pay as they go” and choose to forgo the benefits of FasTrak’s discounted Golden Gate Bridge toll rates.

One-Time Payments are suggested for drivers who infrequently cross the Golden Gate Bridge, for visitors from out of the area, and for customers that want to pay with cash. You can make a One-Time Payment online, over the phone, or in person. A One-Time Payment can be made 30 days before you cross the Bridge, or within 48 hours after your crossing (if traveling in a rental car, payment must be made BEFORE crossing). They can be made online with a credit card or with cash at a Cash Payment Location.

And finally RELAX....For customers who do not open a FasTrak or a License Plate Account, or make a One-Time Payment, tolls are assessed using the License Plate number of the vehicle and a Toll Invoice will be mailed to the registered owner, with no added fees. The Toll Invoice must be paid within 21 days to avoid Toll Violations and fines. To avoid potential late fees, the FasTrak, License Plate, or One-Time payment options are recommended.

Ridership Stats

Current Average Transit Ridership and GGB Traffic

Golden Gate Bridge Daily Traffic (both directions):
Golden Gate Transit Daily Ridership:
Larkspur Ferry Daily Ridership:

BART Strike, July 1-5, 2013

Golden Gate Larkspur Ferry had between 175 and 350 additional riders, depending on the day.

Golden Gate Bridge Traffic was lower by 425 to 1500 vehicles, depending on the day.