Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District

Golden Gate Transit Debuts First-Ever Wrapped" Bus


These days you may find yourself staring directly into a kitchen sink while driving along side a Golden Gate Transit (GGT) bus. GGTs first-ever fully wrapped bus is an advertisement for custom countertop fabrication set against the backdrop of a kitchen sink which covers nearly 100% of the exterior of the bus.

GGT been selling advertising on the backs of buses in-house since the 1970s and, in 1996, the program was expanded through a contract with Viacom to sell advertising on the sides of the buses. The GGT bus advertising program generates approximately $1.3 million annually. Full wrap advertising has been authorized for up to 2% of the bus fleet, or about 4 GGT buses. With the service downsizing of November 2003, the GGT active fleet currently includes 200 buses.