Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District


More High-Speed Trips Offered

On Friday, May 14, 2004, the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (District) Board of Directors approved a modified Golden Gate Sausalito and Larkspur Ferry schedule for July 1, 2004, that achieves annual savings of $875,000 while preserving nearly the same level of services as presently provided.

New Larkspur Ferry Schedule (effective July 1, 2004)

New Sausalito Ferry Schedule (effective July 1, 2004)

The District is facing a projected five-year $131 million shortfall. Strategies are currently being developed to both reduce costs and increase revenues. This cost savings proposal is the first step toward the Ferry Divisions target of approximately $1.5 million in annual savings.

The proposed schedules for July 1, 2004, were developed through a combination of public input and operational efficiency considerations. With 1,100 public comments received on the initially proposed schedules in April 2004, staff was able to refine and reconfigure the schedule changes based on many of the customer preferences expressed. Public outreach included an onboard survey; an information workshop at the Larkspur Ferry Terminal; several meetings with the Districts Ferry Passenger Advisory Committee; and outreach to members of the Sausalito business community.

Approximately $725,000 will be saved when the vessel configuration on the Larkspur-San Francisco weekday service is modified from the current 3 vessel configuration (2 high-speed catamarans plus 1 Spaulding) to almost exclusively a 2 high-speed vessel operation; only one round trip will be made by a Spaulding vesselthe ever-popular 5:20 pm departure to Larkspur. This configuration preserving 41 of the 42 weekday trips made today. Larkspur weekend service would be provided using 1 Spaulding class vessel with minor time adjustments and one less trip.

Another $125,000 will be saved on the Sausalito-San Francisco service through the use of a Spalding vessel following the March 28, 2004, retirement of the MV Golden Gate vessel which results in savings from the reduction in overnight vessel storage lease payments and reduced maintenance costs. With the exception of minor schedule adjustments, Sausalito weekday service would be similar to the 18 crossings currently operated and weekend service would be provided using 1 Spaulding vessel with modest schedule adjustments and one additional trip.

The costs savings also include staffing level adjustments. During recent union negotiations, the District acknowledges its appreciation of the cooperation received from two unionsVessel Masters and Deckhandsin making difficult decisions that were central to achieving these savings. As a result of the schedule changes, associated crewing will be reduced by 1 Vessel Master and 10 Deckhands. The Ferry Division currently employs 14 Vessel Masters and 34 deckhands.

To meet the target of $1.5 million in annual expense savings set for the Ferry Division, $675,000 in additional proposed cost reduction strategies, focusing on administrative and land-side functional areas, are now under consideration for the Ferry Division and will be discussed and finalized through the annual budget process at the May 27, June 10 and June 24 Finance and Auditing Committee meetings and the May 28, June 11 and June 25 Board of Director meetings.